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Your Solution for Burgers,
Tacos & More.

See why big brands choose us!

Foodservice Solutions & Savings Made For You.

At Don Lee Farms Foodservice, we’re helping shape the future of the foodservice experience by delivering deliciously elevated foods at an amazing value. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes us the preferred choice over less flexible competitors. We treat our customers like partners, working closely to meet their unique needs with our versatile lineup of burgers, tacos, entrees, and more.


Big brands choose Don Lee Farms because of our ability to deliver orders quickly and safely from a single box to a truckload consistently, thanks to our national production footprint and a 99.9%+ fill rate across North America. We are a family-owned business that values flexibility and innovation. Our options allow you to easily incorporate our products into any menu, helping you stay ahead of culinary trends and delight your customers. We serve a wide range of segments, including hospitality, restaurants, and vending.


In the hospitality segment, our premium food solutions elevate guest experiences at hotels, resorts, and convention centers. Our gourmet burgers and crispy tacos are perfect for creating standout menu items that guests will love. For restaurants, we offer consistent quality and innovative options that inspire culinary creativity, helping chefs craft unique and delicious dishes with ease.


Choose Don Lee Farms for a personalized, reliable partnership that prioritizes your success and delivers exceptional food solutions tailored to your needs. Together, we can create culinary experiences that stand out in the competitive foodservice industry.

Stay Ahead with Don Lee Farms: Your Key to Restaurant Success

At Don Lee Farms, we know that the restaurant industry faces constantly changing consumer demands. From dine-in and takeout to delivery, safety, labor, versatility, freshness, and wellness, we provide the expertise and resources needed to stay ahead of the curve and drive growth across all segments.

Since '82


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