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, Bowls,
& Tacos

Made for America's Top Markets

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Made By a Family Food Company

Rooted in family tradition, our multi-generational company takes pride in making delicious food. You'll see our fresh and frozen food at places like Trader Joe's, Costco, Walmart and Sam's Club. Whether it's under the Don Lee Farms® brand or your favorite store's label, our foods are out there making mealtime easy. If you're hunting for great food minus the hassle, you're exactly where you need to be.

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Trusted By Top Food Brands  🤝


We're the behind-the-scenes guys for the big brands, and we're bringing our A game straight to you. Crafted in Southern California and North Texas, our food combines large-scale production with homestyle cooking techniques like the timeless art of slow cooking and the unique flavor of direct flame charbroiling. And with a long-standing reputation for making tasty and easy-to-enjoy food, it's no wonder why we're the trusted food maker for some of the largest and most successful food brands in America.​ Now, we're thrilled to bring a piece of our culinary heritage straight to you. Get ready to savor the dedication and passion in every bite!

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With over 40 years of crafting America's favorite foods, Don Lee Farms takes pride in our culinary heritage. From burgers to tacos, since 1982, we've crafted billions of meals with a focus on taste and convenience. Our journey through the generations celebrates the fusion of time-honored cooking methods with contemporary innovations, creating dishes that are a joy to serve and eat. Driven by our dedication to offering great food at great prices, Don Lee Farms is your go-to whether you're having a meal on your own or entertaining a crowd, ensuring every meal is an extraordinary experience.

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Tacos 🌮

Developing CrispUps®, our new premium line of handmade crispy tacos, was all about expressing our passion for making delicious food. We combined the tradition of slow cooking, authentic ingredients inspired by the vibrant flavors of Mexico, and our family's love for streat-style tacos. While our team worked on crafting our signature corn tortilla (made with a pinch of lime), we came up with a simple yet delicious meat and cheese carrier that gets crispy in just 6 minutes in the air fryer. You too can elevate your taco game. Get 🌮 CrispUps™, our trending handmade crispy tacos, with same-day delivery or pickup at your local market today!

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Grilled Over an Open Flame 🔥

Don Lee Farms SteakHouse Selects™ are a premium brand of flame grilled burgers that transcend the ordinary and harness the authenticity of open-flame cooking. Each burger is authentically grilled to perfection over 800° of heat and flame, sealing in every ounce of deliciousness. They're fully cooked and ready to enjoy in the microwave or air fryer in just 2 minutes!


Organic, Local & Sustainable 🌱

Our organic ingredients are made with cultural and biological practices that support the cycling of on-farm resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity in accordance with USDA organic regulations. This means that our organic growers regularly maintain or enhance soil and water quality, while also conserving wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife.


The Annual Taste of the Rams event is presented by Don Lee Farms with special guests from the Rams and delicious bites from top LA Chefs to benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.


Innovation Award  🏆

We're proud to have been awarded the 2023 Urban School Food Alliance Innovation Award for Healthier Products. It's an honor to have partnerships with districts across the Urban School Food Alliance, including the NYC Department of Education, Baltimore City Public Schools, Austin ISD, Memphis-Shelby County Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, and San Diego Unified School District. The Urban School Food Alliance is using the power of procurement to increase sustainability, reducing sugar on menus, reducing food waste, and increasing accessibility of fresh, local food.




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