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School Focused Since 1982


As a multigenerational family food company, we've been passionate about school nutrition since 1982. We're fully committed to making quality, nutritious, and wholesome foods that kids know and love. Our versatile lineup of commercial and commodity foods are based on our experience with markets like Trader Joe's, club stores like Costco and chef-driven restaurants that explore new flavors and cooking techniques. We know how to complete a well-balanced menu. We're raising the bar when it comes to school food quality and nutrition along with the people who make, deliver, and serve meals to kids every day - they're the unsung heroes of the school nutrition world. That's why we work closely with school foodservice teams from coast to coast to ensure that our products meet their needs and exceed their expectations. So if you're looking for a trusted national partner for better protein options that all meet or exceed School Lunch requirements, look no further than Don Lee Farms. We've been changing the game for over 40 years, and we're just getting started!


Trusted By Thousands of Schools




We're proud to have been awarded the 2023 Urban School Food Alliance Innovation Award for Healthier Products. It's an honor to have partnerships with districts across the Urban School Food Alliance, including the NYC Department of Education, Baltimore City Public Schools, Austin ISD, Memphis-Shelby County Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, and San Diego Unified School District. The Urban School Food Alliance is using the power of procurement to increase sustainability, reducing sugar on menus, reducing food waste, and increasing accessibility of fresh, local food.

Plant-Based Pioneer

The Los Angeles Unified School District has chosen Don Lee Farms to be their first strategic vegan protein supplier for the next 5 years. The City selected Don Lee Farms based on their ability to drive innovation in the plant-based space, their market leadership as the go-to maker of vegan foods and their ability to deliver safe and nutritious foods at scale.

Track Your Commodities in Real-Time.

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