Don Lee Farms®


Don Lee Farms' COVID-19 Response Highlights

Featured actions since January 2020. Responses below are not a complete list and are updated based on CDC guidelines.

What we are doing for employees:

  • Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

  • We operate under CDC guidelines and under an assessment and control plan.

  • We distribute personal protective gear, such as masks, face shields and gloves for all our employees.

  • We made process updates—from enhanced sanitation, swabbing and distancing measures to providing work-at-home resources.

  • Employees receive regular Covid-19 briefings.

  • We conduct temperature checks across our operations and we instruct employees to stay at home if they or someone they have come in contact with are sick, experience symptoms or have a temperature.

  • We offer employees daily testing resources.

What we are doing for customers:

  • We are increasing capacity for grocery stores, club stores and food banks as quickly as possible.

  • Starting in early April, we have advocated directly to industry, USDA and Secretary Perdue, to increase access for all Americans to free meals using school sites for drive-thru distribution.

What we are doing for our communities:

  • We donate a portion of profits, both food and money, to regional and national hunger-relief organizations.

  • In April, we have increased our regular donations, sending an additional 250,000 servings of food donations to local food banks and an additional $100,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, providing 400,000 meals to Los Angeles-based recipient agencies.